Development of E-Module Science Entrepreneurship based on Ethno science on biotechnology material to equip students’ entrepreneurial spirit

Sudarmin, Monika Rahayu, Woro Sumarni, Didik Murdiyanto Department of Chemistry, FMIPA,

Universitas Negeri Semarang, INDONESIA. Tel: +6285352070559


Education is one of the most important things for human life. Covid-19 has greatly impacted the world of education in Indonesia so that learning is carried out online. Science learning in junior high schools needs ethno science-based lessons to prevent the loss of local wisdom of Indonesian culture. Development of E-Module Science Entrepreneurship based on ethno science biotechnology material can help science learning resources. The research aims to determine the feasibility of developing an ethno science-based E-Module Science Entrepreneurship, the effect of e-modules in equipping students with entrepreneurial spirit and the effectiveness of e-modules as teaching materials. The research method using 4D development is carried out in 3 stages consisting of define, design and develop. Instruments for collecting data are feasibility validation sheets, teacher and student response questionnaires, learning outcomes tests, entrepreneurship briefing questionnaires as well as documentation and interviews. The research was conducted at SMP N 2 Pamotan. The results showed that the development of the feasibility of the E-Module Science Entrepreneurship based on ethno science by the validator obtained an average score of 3.65 eligible criteria. Student responses to the small-scale trial e-module an average score of 88.43% very good, the large-scale trial an average score of 92.25% very good and the field-scale test an average score of 93.62% very good. The teacher’s response to the e-module average score of 92.71% is very good. The effect of the E-Module Science Entrepreneurship in equipping students with the entrepreneurial spirit of an average score of 88.95% with very good criteria. The effectiveness of the e-module as a teaching material obtained an average N-gain score of 0.6 with moderate criteria and an average score of 83.46% with 100% classical completeness. The results of the study concluded that the E-Module Science Entrepreneurship based on ethno science, biotechnology material is feasible and used based on experts, influences in equipping students entrepreneurial spirit after the learning process and is effective as teaching material.

Keywords: E-Module Science Entrepreneurship, ethno science, entrepreneurial spirit, biotechnology.

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