Hybrid-Learning Model with Ethno-STEM approach: Expert validation on the use of SPADA Learning Applications

F Reffiane, Sudarmin, Wiyanto, S Saptono, SS Kusumawardani Postgraduate Program,

Universitas Negeri Semarang, INDONESIA. Email: finereffiane@upgris.ac.id ABSTRACT

The use of online learning applications is very helpful in the learning process. The online learning application used allows lecturers and students to carry out the learning process actively. The use of the application requires careful planning. One of them is doing expert validation test. From the expert validation test on the SPADA learning application, it is divided into 2 main aspects, namely the menu display aspect and the content aspect. In the aspect of the menu display, it is divided into 12 indicators and the content aspect is divided into 6 indicators. So there are a total of 18 indicators. Of the 18 indicators, the most important thing with a score of 5 is that the Spada application can be used as a learning platform for lecturers and students very well. While the lowest with a score of 4 in the SPADA application aspect can monitor the development of student learning.

Keywords: Ethno-STEM, Hybrid-Learning

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