Development of Android-Based SIPEMA Interactive Multimedia Guided by Kodular as a Learning Medium for Natural Sciences in Junior High School

Nova Nurlaili Zakyani, Sudarmin, Parmin, Arif Widiyatmoko

Semarang State University, Semarang, Indonesia.,,,


Law No. 23 of 2003 explains that learning in education is linked between students, educators and learning resources in learning activities, so that in learning activities, teachers can use learning resources to provide materials to achieve learning objectives. The learning resources used in the digital age are closely linked to technology, in which case teachers can present learning materials by producing more interesting learning materials using these technologies. This development research was conducted due to the lack of use of digital media by teachers in driving the learning process, so students tend to get bored with learning. This study aims to develop SIPEMA (Sistem Pernapasan Manusia) interactive multimedia based applications Android assisted kodular software as a medium of study for the natural sciences college. The research method used is research and development (R&D) with the ADDIE model development method consisting of five stages, namely the review stage,
the design stage, the development phase, the implementation phase and the evaluation phase. The research data is in the form of validity data and readability tests of students in SIPEMA interactive multimedia. All data were analyzed in descriptive quantities, using 3 data collection methods: observational method, interview method and questionnaire method. The result of this study is in the form of an interactive multimedia based on the android application in the hardware of the human respiratory system in the 8th grade of lower secondary school.

Keywords: interactive multimedia; kodular; android; and natural science learning media

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