Analysis of the Use of Learning Media Based on Blogs, Videos, and Video Blogs (Vlogs) in Giving a Positive Influence on Learning

Helina Pancawardhani (Corresponding Author), Sudarmin, Woro Sumarni & Agung Tri Prasetyo
Chemistry Education, Postgraduate, Universitas Negeri Semarang, Indonesia.
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The use of appropriate learning media will have a positive influence on learning so that learning objectives can be achieved. Learning media is expected to not only improve learning outcomes but also improve skills in certain subjects. The purpose of this study is to conduct a literature review regarding the use of Blog, video, and video-blog (Vlog) media in Learning. This research was performed using a meta-research or meta-analysis approach, a search to collect various kinds of information by reviewing several research articles in international and national journals relevant to learning media Blogs, videos, and video blogs (Vlogs). The papers used must meet the criteria for publication from 2014 to 2021; the use of learning media Blogs, videos, and video blogs (Vlogs) positively influence motivation and learning outcomes and does not limit the subject level. Based on the sampling criteria, 47 research articles were obtained, including 20 for blog media, 17 for video media, and 10 for video-blog (Vlog) media. The results showed that the video blog (Vlog) media has more advantages than the other two. Besides positively increasing learning motivation, it can also improve learning outcomes, speaking skills, creativity, effectiveness, efficiency in producing a product, understanding concepts, learning characters, and new experiences. However, the review shows that video blog (Vlog) media has not been widely used for chemistry learning involving math problems. It should be used as an introduction or apperception and motivation so that it does not reduce the content and context of the topic and learning objectives.

Keywords: learning media, blog, video, video-blog (Vlog), positive influence.

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