Designing and Developing a Formula Varsity Car for Competition

Suhaizi bin Ramli (Corresponding Author), Nurul Azyra binti Said@Idrus & Khairul Thalleh bin Mustafa
Jabatan Matematik, Sains & Komputer, Politeknik Kuching Sarawak
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Designing and developing a Varsity Formula Car is a project study carried out in the form of design, manufacture, analysis and a series of tests carried out. The creation of this formula car is the result of creativity based on the specifications set to participate in any racing competition. This project covers the entire car production from car body frame, car body, chassis, suspension system, control system and brake system. The entire body and frame of the car chassis have been designed based on the design of engineering drawings using Computer Aided Design (CAD) software. In addition, four suspensions are used to stabilize the car when driving around corners. The suspension system is intended to balance the handling and stability of the car while reducing the speed to stop for the safety of the driver. The steering system is a system to change the direction of movement of the vehicle either to the left or to the right. The steering system consists of a steering gear, steering wheel and steering chain. The braking system is used to reduce acceleration and then stop the car. The project was designed and developed using many engineering fabrication methods to assemble the pieces of car parts to complete a working formula car. The fabrication methods used are welding, grinding, drilling, rolling and others. Through the process of researching and designing this formula car project, it can reveal lecturers and students about the management and control methods of a project as well as applying knowledge and skills in building a formula car that works to participate in any racing competition.

Keywords : Design, Analysis, Knowledge and skills, Engineering fabrication

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