Development of E-Modules Integrated Etno-STEAM Chemical Study of Batik Materials

Qorry Adilla Fikrina, Sudarmin, Woro Sumarni, Sri Susilogati Sumarti

Department of Chemistry, Postgraduate Program, Universitas Negeri Semarang, Indonesia.

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This research aims to determine the specifications, validity, feasibility, effectiveness, and response of users of the E-STEAM batik integrated electrolyte and non-electrolyte flipbook e-module to develop students’ entrepreneurial character. The research uses the Research and Development (R&D) method, with a 4D research model, which consists of define, design, develop, and disseminate stages. The instruments in this study include interview sheets, evaluation test instruments, expert validation sheets, practicality questionnaire sheets, student response questionnaire sheets, student entrepreneurial character observation sheets, and student activity sheets. The trial was conducted through a feasibility test 1 to determine the readability and practicality of the e-module and a feasibility test 2 to determine the effectiveness of the e-module. The results of the study obtained specifications for e-modules that contain cultural-based chemistry learning, integrated ethno-STEAM, and entrepreneurial indicators. E-module flipbook electrolyte and non-electrolyte solution integrated with ethno-STEAM batik has a total material and media validity score of 70.67 and 77.67 so it has a very valid category and is feasible to use. Responses from students were obtained with a very high category. The results of the evaluation obtained classical completeness of 100%. The results of student activity sheets and entrepreneurial character observation sheets are in the very high category. So that the e-module is effective for developing the entrepreneurial character of students.

Keywords: e-module; electrolyte and non-electrolyte solution; ethno-STEAM; batik; entrepreneurial character.

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