Inventing and Producing an Agro Robotic Machine

Nurul Azyra binti Said@Idrus (Corresponding Author), Suhaizi bin Ramli & Syahrizal bin Bakri
Jabatan Matematik, Sains & Komputer, Politeknik Kuching Sarawak
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Agriculture is one of the economic sectors that contribute to the development of the country’s economy. However, farmers who work on small and medium-scale agriculture are relatively less equipped to ease the task of watering and fertilizing plants. Small and medium-scale agriculture is hoping to receive the benefits of advances in science and technology. Usually these farmers cultivate in a relatively small area or around the house area. The produce of this crop is usually marketed by themselves to the markets close to their homes. The main problems faced by these small and medium scale farmers are labor problems and spine and skin health problems. With relatively limited capital, these farmers cannot afford to buy agricultural equipment that can helps facilitate their business. Agro Robotics Machines are designed to help small or medium scale farmers manage their farmland by watering, fertilizing and spraying pesticides. This specially designed machine can help save labor costs while helping to maintain the health of the farmer’s spine and skin. This machine uses a liquid tank that can be changed for the desired purpose such as pesticide liquid for spraying pesticides, water for watering plants and liquid fertilizer for the purpose of spraying fertilizer. This machine can be controlled using a remote control at a maximum distance of 40m, very helpful for farmers who are less able to carry heavy barrels of pesticides and fertilizers. The angle of the nozzle used is 120 degrees which can ensure that the spray distance is at the maximum rate while the maximum distance between the nozzle and the spray is 30cm. This project has achieved his objective to help farmers do basic works in agriculture to replace human labor. Hopefully this Agro Robotic Machine can provide benefits and help farmers in managing their crops optimally.
Keywords: Agro Robotic Machines, agriculture, watering plants, spraying pesticides, spraying fertilizer

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