The Potential of 360-Degree Virtual Tour as New Marketing Approach at Dorani Bayu Resort, Sungai Besar, Selangor

Mas Rehan Mahmudi (Corresponding Author), Nurul Asyikin Azemey & Irwan Hafiz Marbaie
Department of Tourism and Hospitality, Politeknik Sultan Idris Shah, Malaysia.
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The Covid-19 pandemic had a major impact on the tourism industry, it has become difficult for tourists to travel and explore new and interesting places. Therefore, coming up with the idea of a new marketing tool to promote the tourist destination will pose a great challenge to the management. One of the problems currently faced at Dorani Bayu Resort is insufficient information on online sources such as official government and state websites, Tourism Malaysia websites and other search engines, as well as social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook and tourism blogs. Throughout the research, it was found that the information and content on the tourism blog about Dorani Bayu Resort is outdated or insufficient, which may cause potential tourists to be misinformed. Based on this problem, the application of 360-degree virtual tour technology can increase the attractiveness of Sabak Bernam District, Selangor. 360-degree virtual tour is a technology where it is solely based on the simulation of a physical location. It consists of interesting panoramic photos and videos of the place and they are grouped together to create a 360-degree virtual video where the viewer can explore the place without limits. The research methodology approach used in this study is through the project framework, primary and secondary data collection methods from 70 individuals after they toured Dorani Bayu Resort’s 360-degree virtual video. The results of the survey show that the 360-degree virtual tour affects the formation of a sense of presence, an effective image, sparking interest in visiting Dorani Bayu Resort. In addition, the experience developed through this video affects the audience’s feelings towards this destination where the video presented is of high quality so that the image of the Dorani Bayu resort is depicted in a very positive light that is able to attract more viewers to come and recommend the destination to their friends and family to enjoy real experience staying at Dorani Bayu Resort in Sabak Bernam district.
Keywords: 360-degree virtual tour, marketing tool, promotion.

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